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ARCADE Type Games

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4x4 (played 46.967 times) [top of scores]
Ping-pong with four bats
Rating:   (5129 votes)
Breakout (played 41.250 times) [top of scores]
You have 100 seconds and you have to keep in the game as many balls as possible, to get a better score.
Rating:   (4861 votes)
Crazy Soup (played 30.766 times)
At the Tea strange party, Vassel is not allowed to do all it wants! it's only you having this right! Use it to panish it properly!
Rating:   (4050 votes)
HAGI's Ball (played 42.840 times) [top of scores]
A passioning game, and you need the Hagi's craftsmanship in handling the football ball to finish this game.
Rating:   (3631 votes)
Pacman (played 32.190 times) [top of scores]
Pacman - for the people that remembers the pioneer's computer epoch
Rating:   (4820 votes)
Pinball (played 26.831 times) [top of scores]
The Diseara.Ro version of the famous american game
Rating:   (4291 votes)
Princess Duck (played 38.894 times)
It was once a princess, kidnapped by monsters. You, as a nice and kindly prince that you are, have to save her. But ... pay attention ... drink some water sometimes ...
Rating:   (4160 votes)
Quick Tour (played 17.112 times) [top of scores]
A very simple game: you have to make one round with a car on a circuit. The thing is: how fast can you do it ?...
Rating:   (3562 votes)
Serpenti (played 28.102 times) [top of scores]
A game with a respectable age lenght of service on PCs - now in a Flash version on Diseara.RO
Rating:   (4095 votes)
Sonic: Caves Exploration (played 32.854 times)
In this Quest, help Sonic to pass over different caves that he finds and collect the different treasures that he comes upon.
Rating:   (3898 votes)
Spider Game (played 31.504 times) [top of scores]
In this virtual jungle, a spider is running for not being catched by butterflies and is eating glow worms... Don't worry, the cabbage from the landscape do not run anywhere !
Rating:   (3475 votes)
The Bunny (played 34.283 times)
You are a hungry rabbit that you come out to eat. But take care to the poisonous mushrooms!
Rating:   (3838 votes)
The Sapper (Minesweeper) (played 29.041 times)
The Evening version of the famous Minesweeper.
Rating:   (4021 votes)
The Snake Cub (played 35.334 times) [top of scores]
Another version of the `snake` game from the cell phones.
Rating:   (4474 votes)
Uac - Uac And The Death Path (played 28.370 times)
Help the `Uac Uac` froggy to pass over the obstacles standing in its way!
Rating:   (3817 votes)
Uac-Uac 2 (played 18.460 times)
This is a "light" version of the first game with the "Uac-uac" frog.
Rating:   (2941 votes)
WRC Circuit (played 33.247 times) [top of scores]
A testing circuit for the future pilots of World Racing Rally. It has everything: acceleration, brakes, direction, tires, obstacles, even safe brake for cutting the curves. Pay atthention, do not try to cheat... !
Rating:   (3522 votes)
Zeldinur: The Ghost Escape (played 38.154 times)
The hero Zeldinur has been catched by Ganon and closed ino the feared prison of Aleveri. Zeldinur disguised into a ghost and you have to lead him to exit, avoiding all guards and traps.
Rating:   (3366 votes)

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