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Logic Games

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Blocks (played 90.381 times)
The first game from the series of those where you make points from eliminating compact groups of blocks.
Rating:   (3801 votes)
Blocks 2 (played 150.335 times) [top of scores]
The second game from the series of those where you make points from eliminating compact groups of blocks. This time, it will count for the top.
Rating:   (3913 votes)
Coloured Gallows (played 202.912 times)
Another version of the `Gallows` games, with words categories and special graphics.
Rating:   (3590 votes)
Eight Colors (played 57.949 times) [top of scores]
Eliminate as many compact groups of circles with the same colour as possible. You will get points.
Rating:   (2962 votes)
Evening Sokoban (played 82.410 times) [top of scores]
Check your intelligence in this chinese game with more than 60 levels!
Rating:   (3719 votes)
Evening Tetris (played 295.249 times) [top of scores]
The very popular game, now in a ... "version for evening"...
Rating:   (3761 votes)
FlasHTanK (played 56.583 times)
Do you still remember the physics laws? Get a tank and apply them!
Rating:   (3655 votes)
Four (played 96.035 times) [top of scores]
You have 4 minutes for collecting as many points as possible by making squares on a nice coloured table.
Rating:   (3635 votes)
Guess the Number (played 60.492 times) [top of scores]
here is like in TVR: you have to guess a number, and you are told if what you say is higher or under the searched number.
Rating:   (3422 votes)
Latin Squares (played 52.110 times)
Logical game from the `Squares` series
Rating:   (3817 votes)
Lights Out! (played 51.886 times) [top of scores]
The objective is to turn off all the lights of the switchboard.
Rating:   (3521 votes)
Magic Squares (played 54.994 times)
Logical game from the `Squares` series
Rating:   (3859 votes)
Memory (played 85.189 times)
Are you forgetful? You'd better stay away of this game!
Rating:   (3823 votes)
Mumbo Jumbo (played 139.427 times)
The numbers guesser
Rating:   (5399 votes)
Stones (played 58.827 times)
A nice kitten is challenging you to try your quickness and intelligence in this game of obtaining an exact order of a few stones on a table.
Rating:   (3745 votes)
The Chain Reaction (played 66.658 times) [top of scores]
One of the most tough games from Diseara.RO, The Chain Reaction is challenging you to "THINK WELL!"
Rating:   (3523 votes)
The Maze (played 70.810 times)
A game of solving a random-created maze.
Rating:   (3731 votes)
The Maze with Channels (played 65.515 times)
Into this more special maze, if you start moving into one direction, you cannot stop until you get into an obstacle.
Rating:   (3673 votes)
Titanic (played 62.978 times) [top of scores]
The Titanic tragedy is, after all these years, of present interest. Let's go back in the past using this game and check if you can keep your balance on a hitted ship, like Titanic
Rating:   (3615 votes)
Twins house (played 103.446 times) [top of scores]
Make order in the twins house and help them to find each other, in pairs!
Rating:   (3829 votes)
Words 2 (played 42.524 times) [top of scores]
A word and a group of letters are displayed. You have to click the letters to make the word. Then, the next word...
Rating:   (3075 votes)
Words Game (played 83.929 times) [top of scores]
You have 10 words that you have to guess very fast. Why fast ? Because they fall, and when they are down, they are lost!
Rating:   (3887 votes)

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