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Children Games

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Crazy Race (played 61.769 times)
It is the moment to bet on your favourite cartoons character and you can see if it's faster than the others.
Rating:   (4381 votes)
Doctor X (played 62.651 times) [top of scores]
This is a traditional memory game where the goal is finding the hidden pairs. But you have only... 18 seconds to find them all :-))
Rating:   (4065 votes)
Drawing Book (played 191.498 times)
For the smallest of you, a virtual drawing book. this way, the walls of the house will remain clean and the parents won't take out from the pocket so much money for the real drawing books.
Rating:   (3602 votes)
Miss Gather-Carrots (played 133.176 times) [top of scores]
Help the beautiful Miss Gather-Carrots to find her way through the vegetables garden!
Rating:   (4062 votes)
Morra (played 48.050 times)
Discover an old chinese game, really exquisite through its simplicity.
Rating:   (4486 votes)
Musical Puzzle (played 60.438 times)
A game for the small children, with exquisite sounds and interesting images.
Rating:   (3679 votes)
Super Elephant (played 54.331 times)
Maybe it can be found someone to have fun using this game...
Rating:   (3653 votes)
The Globes Attack! (played 60.837 times) [top of scores]
IT IS SNOWING WITH GLOBES! The little elf is alone and he needs help to get away of the falling ornaments.
Rating:   (4742 votes)
The little Pinocchio (played 63.388 times)
"Maybe I am not Maestro Geppeto, but a puppy I can do!"
Rating:   (3880 votes)
X and 0 (played 40.177 times)
The famous games from the primary school notebooks is also now on Diseara.RO! X!
Rating:   (3768 votes)
Zeldinur: Steppes Exploration (played 43.476 times)
Fight for Zeldinur in a new Quest of discovering the Magical Sword enclosed by Ganon into the Time Temple.
Rating:   (3707 votes)

Other games categories:
Logic Games
Here is the place where your intelligence can be tested. Do not worry, the results at these games do not prove anything, anyway...
The place for the people that wish to discharge themselves!
ARCADE Type Games
The old fashioned games reunited here, hoping to observe them.
Special Games
The under 12 children are not allowed to use these games, some of these games not being recommended to them. Generally speaking, these are games that cannot be accurately placed at other games category.
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