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Alien Attack (played 30.397 times) [top of scores]
Aliens, bomb protons, rockets, space ships, enery shields,... Does it sound interesting ?
Rating:   (2798 votes)
Anti-aircraft (played 52.230 times) [top of scores]
Soldier: your mission is to ground enemy's aircraft, as many as possible, from your fight point! Got it ! Go !
Rating:   (3383 votes)
Burglars Hunting (played 22.221 times) [top of scores]
Some dangerous burglars escaped from a prison. You are called to put them back on the right path.
Rating:   (2781 votes)
Ducks Hunting (played 24.250 times) [top of scores]
Help some ducks to come very well to their senses.
Rating:   (2898 votes)
Fire! (played 25.062 times)
5 levels. An easy game. Even very easy. Will you like it ?!
Rating:   (2515 votes)
Flames in the Dragons Valley (played 29.935 times) [top of scores]
The priests of the world beyond the mountains will help you with their prayers. Are you ready to defeat the DRAGONS FLAME ?
Rating:   (2819 votes)
Flasteroides (played 19.362 times) [top of scores]
Sailing into the space looks easy. It's not as easy when you enter into big asteroids fields, where you have to kill and destroy or, at least, avoid ...
Rating:   (2885 votes)
Galactica (played 19.987 times) [top of scores]
Defend with heroism the mother base, in the bloody days of the Galactic War!
Rating:   (2993 votes)
Invasion (played 16.227 times) [top of scores]
The aliens are - again - in one of those invasions. Your goal ? Of course, to destroy them (very original...)!
Rating:   (2794 votes)
Kill The Beast (played 20.766 times) [top of scores]
Discharge yourself - you never know...
Rating:   (3863 votes)
Red Dot 2 (played 14.374 times)
Diseara.Ro proposes you the second version of the shooting game "Red Dot", where you go out of the covered shooting ground to shoot some rounds in the wide field...
Rating:   (2743 votes)
Red mark (played 20.447 times)
Have you wished to show your skills at shooting and you have not where to do it ? Now you have the opportunity here, in one the best games from Diseara.RO!
Rating:   (2635 votes)
Shooting Ground (played 19.877 times) [top of scores]
Are you in after hours ? Do you wish to relax ? Go in the shooting ground and see how many points you can make!
Rating:   (2696 votes)
Shooting Ground Gun (played 25.234 times) [top of scores]
A training game from the target shooting in shooting ground series, necessary for entering thea "Red Dot" series.
Rating:   (2652 votes)
Sniper (played 23.622 times)
The Police Office wishes to hire an elite shooter. Do you think you can pass the tests and go into their service ? Good luck!
Rating:   (2737 votes)
Starry Bodies (played 23.756 times)
Galactic Heads Hunting...
Rating:   (3826 votes)
Super Bomb (played 15.173 times) [top of scores]
Protect your city, because the bombs are going down. Take care of the way you shoot, no mistakes are allowed.
Rating:   (2426 votes)
Terminator (played 19.988 times) [top of scores]
Try, with a weapon in your hands, to convince the snakes that you are not afraid of them.
Rating:   (2658 votes)
The Bomber (played 23.306 times) [top of scores]
You have a very powerfull Bomber, equipped with lasers, mines and bombs. The objective is securing the space, as well as possible.
Rating:   (2506 votes)
The Fight of the Snow Balls (played 44.305 times)
It is snowing and you are in the mood to flare up a fight with Snow Balls.
Rating:   (3221 votes)
The Green People (played 22.015 times) [top of scores]
You awakes with a heavy head and you see all kinds of green little people on the walls - try to get away of their obsession playing this game...
Rating:   (2714 votes)
The SIMPSONS (played 45.323 times) [top of scores]
You are invited to put some order in the famous family of the SIMPSONS. But please, take care of the girl...!
Rating:   (3025 votes)
Thing (played 73.796 times) [top of scores]
A game that is strange, at least...
Rating:   (4990 votes)
Till the Last! (played 21.842 times) [top of scores]
You are serving as gunnerpul tau and your goal is to destroy any resistance from the enemy. Pay attention! It's a time trail!
Rating:   (2823 votes)
U-Boot (played 21.786 times) [top of scores]
Captain! Hit all you see with the periscope! The submarines glory is in your hands! But take care: in our days the civilian ships are not to be hitted, anymore!
Rating:   (2656 votes)

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