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Cups and championships

Special Games

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Crush (played 25.706 times)
You want to prove your friends that you are a good airship pilot - you can do it (You can play this game in two players).
Rating:   (3251 votes)
Crush Junior (played 25.611 times)
You want to prove your computer that your are a good airship pilot - you can do it here.
Rating:   (3138 votes)
Cups Game (played 46.264 times) [top of scores]
The younger brother of the "Hide and Find" tricking game
Rating:   (4149 votes)
Diamond Seeker (played 64.804 times) [top of scores]
You are a pilot with lots of experience and you have some information that can bring you money. The asteroids from the rings of the Cora Flatar planet contain, apparently, diamonds. Fight and gather them.
Rating:   (3619 votes)
Diseara Casino (played 99.252 times) [top of scores]
The CASINO is opened ! Make good money !
Rating:   (3442 votes)
Evening Poker (played 78.640 times) [top of scores]
Spend the night at a poker match
Rating:   (3322 votes)
Evening Solitaire (played 187.122 times)
The famous "solitare"... now is online here, on Diseara.RO
Rating:   (4277 votes)
F1 Drive Test (played 70.835 times) [top of scores]
Only on DISEARA.RO you can have the chance of making a Drive Test with a F1 car!
Rating:   (3638 votes)
Falling Stars (played 34.252 times)
You are out to take an evening ride with your american car. But all the sudden, the stars began to fall on the earth (?!) and you have to avoid the effects of this very strange natural phenomenon.
Rating:   (3363 votes)
Fishing Contest (played 45.093 times) [top of scores]
Welcome to the Tonight Fishing Contest !
Rating:   (2908 votes)
Five baskets (played 74.188 times) [top of scores]
A game for the NBA champions
Rating:   (4234 votes)
Kill Kenny! (played 44.953 times) [top of scores]
Did you like `South Park`? Here you are Kenny, and your friends are throwing knives to you!
Rating:   (3351 votes)
Moldovan Commissary: The Game (played 63.212 times) [top of scores]
Not even when he's trying to relax, the famous Moldovan Commissary does not have an easy life. So: Action... GO!
Rating:   (3141 votes)
Pocket Lotto (played 61.161 times)
You can play here with numbers, too, not only paying at the National Lotery!
Rating:   (3151 votes)
Puzzle (played 50.406 times) [top of scores]
Ajut-o pe domnisoara din fotografie sa-si aranjeze tinuta
Rating:   (3060 votes)
Sharks! (played 51.427 times) [top of scores]
Imagine a beautiful girl swimming in the wide ocean. All of a sudden, it is surrounded by sharks. You have to lead her, to escape. Can you do that? Or you just let her to the beasts ?...
Rating:   (3380 votes)
Spice Girls - `Spice Up Your Free Time` (played 49.816 times)
Are you a fan of the famous brits ? You have 60 seconds and all your concentration strength to reunite them!
Rating:   (3046 votes)
The Oz Wizard (played 51.732 times) [top of scores]
You are the Oz Wizard. You have to pass over ghosts, to destroy the ghost generators, to seek treasures and find keys, eat and drink to survive, and all of these on several levels: it sounds like an interesting game, isn't it ? Good luck!
Rating:   (3328 votes)
The POKEMONS Hunter (played 49.101 times)
Are you not at all a fan of the famous POKEMONS? Here, you can shoot them using rocket launchers!
Rating:   (3098 votes)
The Shells Game (played 30.001 times) [top of scores]
This game is a new version of the Cups Game.
Rating:   (2976 votes)
VRUUUM ! (played 33.456 times)
You are running into a Formula 1 race and you have to show to the others and you know very well how to overtake... is it really like this?
Rating:   (3362 votes)
X-Board (played 30.161 times) [top of scores]
While flying over Carpathians, all the gifts falled from the bags of Santa Claus. Help him to gather them. But take care: the path is not easy and Santa Claus will use a snow-board to ski in slalom, to gather as many gifts as possible.
Rating:   (2974 votes)

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