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undeva in lume

4 august 0000

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13 november

20 august 2007

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Picture of the day (20)

Cheap... Cheap
20 november 2015
Rating: 7.75
Balsam for...... Balsam for...
2 october 2015
Rating: 7.43
Got it!... Got it!
14 september 2014
Rating: 5.71
Finally, the Eden fruit was found...... Finally, the Eden fruit was found...
28 january 2011
Rating: 8.20
A team from the bowling league... !!!... A team from the bowling league... !!!
2 january 2011
Rating: 7.60
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27 february 2019
Doi scotieni, aflati intr-un restaurant, se adreseaza ospatarului:
– Vrem sa ne asezam langa fetele de acolo! Fii bun si fa-le intai nota de plata.
5 december 2018
One day an engineer dies.He was the kind that built lots of things, like air conditioners.When he went to heaven he met God. God says "Go to hell, you're not on my list."
So after going 30,255,391 stairs to hell, he lets the devil know who he is and so the devil says "Hey, come on in!"
In hell the engineer built airplanes, buildings, cars, etc. God sees this and says "Hey devil, you know that engineer guy. He needs to come back to heaven."
The devil says "Are you crazy, I'm not gonna let you have him." To which God says "If you don't let me have him, I'll sue."
Devil says "You can't sue! You don't even have lawyers up there!"
6 november 2018
Some guy called me a tool. So I got hammered and nailed his girlfriend. Guess he was right.
26 september 2018
- Taxi, la cimitir, repede!
- Stâlp sau contrasens?
17 september 2018
Un pacient in cabinetul medicului dentist:
- Domnule doctor, am dintii galbeni, ce pot sa fac?
- Pune-ti o cravata maro!
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Problem of the day (1)

The father positioning
4 april 2008

 Acest exercitiu a fost creat de un profesor de matematica de la Universitatea din Barcelona care apoi a cerut elevilor sai sa o rezolve.

Problema: Mama are cu 21 ani mai mult decit copilul sau si peste 6 ani copilul va fi de 5 ori mai tinar decit mama. Intrebare: UNDE ESTE TATAL?

(Note: 1. Gindeste-te bine, cu calm si nu citi imediat solutia!! 2. Aceasta problema se poate rezolva matematic)

Rating: 5.00
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